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Welcome to my home on the interweb

So the first thing you notice, when stopping at my site, is the main picture of my work desk. So why did I choose that for my main image? Because it’s where I spend 16-18 hours of my time daily. I have so much going on at once, organized chaos basically, that I do find it a very important part of my life, which makes it a very important image reference on my site. This is only the first iteration of my site so things might change as time goes on. We’ll see.

What exactly do I spend 16-18 hours a day doing? Glad you asked.

YouTube Channels

I currently have 9 YouTube channels. Some might ask why 9 channels? Well, it is kind of a long story but I’ll try to shorten it as much as I can. Back in 2009 – 2010, I created a FREE membership site to teach the homeless and disabled veterans how to make money from home with just a computer and the internet. I was homeless myself for 3 years, check out that story at (YT LINK), so I did have a couple of requirements. So not anyone who was homeless could join, it was more of an invite thing. You first had to have the will, drive, determination, and most importantly a ’cause’ or ‘need’ to succeed.

Well long story short, and you can get the full stories at my YouTube channel in the ‘Backstory’ Playlist if you’re interested, the ones that actually ended up helping themselves and getting off the streets from my course have contacted me during this COVID period about doing something to help people that we on hard times and having problems paying rent, bills, facing homelessness themselves, etc. But at the same time there was something else going on which help contribute to my decision for 9 channels.

I had a bet with a billionaire friend of mine that I couldn’t become a billionaire, within 15 years starting on Jun 22, 2018, and I took the bet which is how I got the name ‘Billionaire2033.’ But, like everyone else, Mar 11th, 2020 hit and I was affected the same as all other people and businesses. Just listening to the news and doing some research you could tell this was not like anything else in history. Not only were unemployment rates the highest ever, but at the same time more businesses were failing than ever too. So it wasn’t that business were just cutting back expenses so that meant layoffs, like what usually happens in a bad economy. Both employers and employees are basically in the same boat.

Well I came up with a solution to this problem. It’s NOT a quick fix, Get Rich Quick, type thing but more of a starting over thing. Because that’s what a lot of people are going to be doing beginning in 2020-21. A good percentage of them will be beginning new careers and probably not by choice either.

Well, even though my billionaire friend was having his own issues during this time too, we did keep in touch and I told him the bet was still on. Because life happens and just like everyone else I have to deal with this the same as they do. So I’m starting up 9 channels showing people my journey to becoming a billionaire by 2033. There will be plenty of opinions and theories during this journey and me trying out things and maybe failing at some or all of them, who knows. But my point being this journey is a ‘documentary’ first and foremost’ could be a ‘teaching aid’ or ‘motivational’ thing or even ‘entertainment’ for most. But that’s it. NONE of my YouTube channels should be taken as business, medication, financial, investing, or health advice in any way.

But each channel will be covering a topic, or niche if you will, that I’m going to use to create income sources for me. So even though each channel is separate on its own they are all connected in the same goal. MAKING ME MONEY!

My Websites

BUT, Wait There’s More! Yes, along with those 9 YouTube channels there is also 4 websites, counting this one, plus many more websites that are up for researcher purposes such as analyzing Google’s search algorithm, testing security products that I’m developing, and other things. They are there to make me money too because they are selling something or giving advice etc, but there are also other reasons for them being there. Some are for just testing out other hosting companies. So there are many reasons that I do A LOT of testing. I also used this knowledge to teach my student when I had my private membership.

So for now that’s about it. Naturally there is more but if this has gotten you interested in what I’m doing or following along with my progress on social media be sure to visit all my links at the top of the page here.

Thanks for reading and hope your life is filled with excitement and that you achieve all your dreams and reach all your goals!

Lonnie (CyberSorcerer) Gardner

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